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Basic Services
(wet tissue to digital slide)

3 DayExtended
H&E$19* $29$12* $22
Special Stain$25* $35$17* $27
IHC (HistoWiz validated antibodies)$50* $60$40*$50
IHC (TUNEL or new IHC antibody optimization)$97* $107$65* $75

Add-On Services

3 DayExtended
Bone decalcification$4$3.50
Additional unstained slide$7.50$6
Step section surcharge$5 per step$3.50 per step
H&E (Unstained slide to digital slide)$3* $13$2* $12
Special Stain (Unstained slide to digital slide)$19* $29$15* $25

Analysis Services

3 DayExtended
Automated Image Analysis$50$30
Expert Pathology Consultation$35$25

Data Services

Private AccessPathologyMap™ Contributors
Slide Scanning$10 per slideFree
Data StorageFirst 6 months free, $57/100 slides afterFree

Pricing is based on your agreement with our Submission Agreement for PathologyMap™ contributions, which permits us to share your slides with members of the scientific community to promote open access and collaboration. We will not share your slides until 1 year after you submit them to us. You can read the entire submission agreement when you place an order online.

Please contact us for a specialized quote on large volume orders.

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Method of payment

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